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Small Box Kitty Landing Shelf - Cat Wall terrain - Floating Box shelf and Cat Landing

Small Box Kitty Landing Shelf - Cat Wall terrain - Floating Box shelf and Cat Landing

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An essential to any wall-mounted cat tree set-up, the Kitty Landing Shelf are a perfect for a combination of climbing, lounging, and hopping to and fro. It sets up quickly with thick steel bolts holding the assembly together with sturdy screws for mounting directly into studs to ensure a strong platform for even the chunkiest kitty's most powerful leaps.

Unlike most wall-mounted cat terrain, the landings have a usable shelf on the inside wrapped in an eco-friendly, pet-safe carpet pad and are crafted from the same premium Birch, Oak, and Walnut plywood as our cat cases. 

The Landing Shelves are built with a back panel and front panel which houses four outer panels, all held together with long steel bolts.  The back panel has predrill marks to show where to place the screws to drill into the studs.  These are built to last while making the ideal perch and exercise spot for your favorite furry friend.

This listing includes:

  • 1 Kitty Landing Shelf and all included steel bolts, carpet and mounting hardware


  • Tabby (birch), Rag Doll (Oak), or Havana Brown (Walnut) 3/4" plywood front and back panels
  • birch 1/4" plywood side panels
  • 100% Post-consumer recycled, pet-safe carpeting (hypoallergenic)
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Screws for assembly and mounting


Kitty Landing Shelf: 10.5" L x 10.5" H x 12" D




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Our products are crafted from high quality plywood, held together with custom stainless steel hardware, and wrapped in hypoallergenic carpet.

Price, Explained

We understand, it can be surprising to see cat furniture with this price tag but we'll give it to you straight; High-quality furniture has a high price because it costs us more to make.

Here's a breakdown for what we spend to make a standard Walnut Cat Case - not including website fees, facility costs, design time, salaries, storage, marketing... you get it.

- Materials $378.01
- Labor $225.00
- Shipping $60-100

It's a piece that’s designed to last, offering both comfort and style for years to come.

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