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Cat Case - Modern Cat Tower and Bookcase

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Cat Case - Modern Cat Tower and Bookcase

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"Very creative and innovative. Right now my cats are currently fighting over who gets the very top to lay on." Michael L.

Cat climbing trees are great for keeping felines active and happy. But there’s nothing quite like beige shag carpeting and awkward, bulky shapes to truly ruin the look of a room.

The Cat Case cat condo gives your kitties a fun place to play and hide, tucked away in a sleek, modern bookcase that will enhance (not detract from) your tasteful décor.

Newly improved, we made it lighter weight and easier to assemble. But never to fear! We kept the modular, stackable design and attractive finish choices people love about the original. You can still mix and match to create a unique configuration that’s perfect for your living space.

So go ahead, toss that monstrosity and replace it with something you’ll enjoy looking at as much as your fur babies will love playing in.


  • Cat climbing tree is hidden in an attractive, Scandinavian-style bookcase
  • Three stackable module styles
  • Four finish choices
  • Modules can be mixed and matched to customize for your space
  • Stealth side entry to hidden cat furniture
  • Carpeted scratching surfaces


  • Module configurations: standard window, large window, dual window
  • Finishes: Birch, Walnut
  • Module dimensions: 31” W x 15.5” H x 10” D
  • Panel material: Birch or Walnut veneer plywood (poplar core)

The Cat Case includes 4 stackable modules that combine to form a 31" x 62" Cat Case. This unit includes removable, washable gray carpeting, and is crafted in Chicago from your choice of real Walnut or Birch finished with a natural oil sealant.

  • 2 Single Modules (11 x 11" shelf)
  • 1 Large Module (22.5 x 11" shelf)
  • 1 Window Module (11 x 11" shelf + 6.5 x 6.5" window)