Cat Matter

Good design for pets and people

It's time to ditch the cat tree.

Say hello to something that's good to look at and is still useful and pleasing to your favorite pet.

Say goodbye to cheap materials

We're done with melamine, particle board, cheap screws and plastic inserts. Instead we choose sustainable materials that last.

And make your kitty really happy

The cat case is a perch, a place to climb, hide, nibble on a treat and have a nap.

The All New Cat Case

Resized, redesigned and better than ever.

Cat Case - Modern Cat Tower and Bookcase - Cat Matter
  • Modern Design

    Clean lines are complimented by your choice of birch or walnut veneered wood.

  • Just Right Size

    Just under 6' tall, the cat case provides the perfect perch and nap pad.

  • Built for play

    Sturdy and proportioned for small to large cats, it't the perfect vertical playground.

  • Easy to Assemble

    We redesigned every nut and bolt of the Cat Case, so with only a few twists and turns, you're fully assembled.


"Very creative and innovative. Right now my cats are currently fighting over who gets the very top to lay on." 

Great design, Love it!

Sooooo much better than a cat tree and actually useful.

Purrfect for Pets and People

At Cat Matter we focus on bringing pets and people closer. Our shelving and furniture units are designed to provide the exercise, privacy and height your cat needs, while ensuring your home stays organized and stylish.