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Discrete Kitty Litterbox Cabinet

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Discrete Kitty Litterbox Cabinet

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We love our Cats! We do NOT love litter boxes.  

Every cat person knows the struggle of maintaining a home that looks and feels tidy when you have litter boxes set out.  Even when discretely place in the bathroom, basement, a closet, or the back corner of the living room -- it still feels gross when you look at your cat's litter box. 

Let's not even talk about when you have company over...

Ditch the exposed litter box and opt for a more discrete option; Chose a furniture piece that works for both your cat and your home.  

5-stack Cat Case not included.  This listing is for the Kitty Litter Cabinet only.

Special Offer!  Make it 5-high!

Take 50% off a Cat Case Module to make a 5-stack Cat Case when you order the Discrete Kitty Litterbox Cabinet with a Cat Case

Match the photo and turn your standard Cat Case into a 5-high cat tower!

The discount will be automatically added to your cart at checkout when you have all three items in your cart.


  • A-Grade Walnut, Birch, or Oak with A-grade birch bottom and interior (interior stained/milk painted slate gray).
  • Stainless steel Cat Matter hardware 
  • 2 Litter Boxes

One custom Discrete Kitty Litter Box Cabinet, made with the capacity of 4 litter boxes, with side and front entry (77in x 30.75in x 25in).


Shipping to the lower 48 states included.

Lead time of 6 weeks.