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Cat Matter

Discrete Kitty Litterbox Cabinet

Discrete Kitty Litterbox Cabinet

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We love our Cats! We do NOT love litter boxes.  

Every cat person knows the struggle of maintaining a home that looks and feels tidy when you have litter boxes set out.  Even when discretely place in the bathroom, basement, a closet, or the back corner of the living room -- it still feels gross when you look at your cat's litter box. 

Let's not even talk about when you have company over...

Ditch the exposed litter box and opt for a more discrete option; Chose a furniture piece that works for both your cat and your home.  

5-stack Cat Case not included.  This listing is for the Kitty Litter Cabinet only.

Special Offer!  Make it 5-high!

Take 50% off a Cat Case Module to make a 5-stack Cat Case when you order the Discrete Kitty Litterbox Cabinet with a Cat Case

Match the photo and turn your standard Cat Case into a 5-high cat tower!

The discount will be automatically added to your cart at checkout when you have all three items in your cart.


  • A-Grade Walnut, Birch, or Oak with A-grade birch bottom and interior (interior stained/milk painted slate gray).
  • Stainless steel Cat Matter hardware 
  • 2 Litter Boxes

One custom Discrete Kitty Litter Box Cabinet, made with the capacity of 4 litter boxes, with side and front entry (77in x 30.75in x 25in).


Shipping to the lower 48 states included.

Lead time of 6 weeks.

Shipping and Returns

We offer free shipping to the continental United States.

We accept returns up to 30 days after you receive your item. We do not take responsibility for return shipping costs.

Factory Second items are not eligible for returns.


Our products are crafted from high quality plywood, held together with custom stainless steel hardware, and wrapped in hypoallergenic carpet.

Price, Explained

We understand, it can be surprising to see cat furniture with this price tag but we'll give it to you straight; High-quality furniture has a high price because it costs us more to make.

Here's a breakdown for what we spend to make a standard Walnut Cat Case - not including website fees, facility costs, design time, salaries, storage, marketing... you get it.

- Materials $378.01
- Labor $225.00
- Shipping $60-100

It's a piece that’s designed to last, offering both comfort and style for years to come.

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