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Cat Matter

Cat Case™ Spacer

Cat Case™ Spacer

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This spacer is the perfect addition to your Cat Case™ if you have a Tall Kitty, a Chonk, or if your cat has started to get older and can no longer maneuver tight spaces between the shelves.  With this add on, your cat will be able to enjoy the Cat Case™ just like the little nimbly-bimbley kitties do.



  • Adds height to the Cat Case™
  • Creates space for tall, chunky or aged cats who can't easily maneuver the space between the shelves
  • Increases the space between shelves from 4.5 inches to 7.8 inches
  • One set includes two spacer pieces - one for the front and one for the back
  • Purchase 3 sets if you wish to have a spacer between every level of your Cat Case™


    Fits between our current module configurations: standard shelf, large shelf, and peek-a-boo window

    Finishes: Havana Brown (walnut), Tabby (hand-rubbed birch), Rag Doll (oak), DIY Unfinished 

    Module dimensions:

    31” L x 4" H

    Panel material: Plywood

    Bracket material: Stainless Steel


    Your purchase includes:

    • Two 31" x 4" x .75" plywood panels
    • Four stainless steel cat matter brackets
    • 16 screws



    Why We Made the Cat Case

    Reason #1: Cats Need to Be Cats

    Many animal experts agree that cats are happiest when they have things to climb, surfaces to scratch, places to hide, and a perch to observe their surroundings. This taps into survival instincts from their wild ancestors. A home lacking these features can be stressful for your pet. For starters, they have nowhere to hide from “danger” (vacuum cleaner, we’re looking at you). Secondly, if there’s nothing to scratch, they can’t take care of their claws (scratching removes the dead outer layer), or mark their territory (scratching leaves both a visual marker and a scent from the glands on their paws), or stretch their legs and paws. Climbing, meanwhile, offers an opportunity for exercise and stimulation. Finally, cats instinctively like to perch themselves in high places, serving a dual role of looking out for “predators” (i.e., clumsy toddlers) and scanning for “prey” (i.e., feet in fuzzy socks).

    Reason #2: Cat Trees Don’t Fit Most Décors

    While cat towers offer countless benefits to your fuzzy friend, let’s face it, most don’t look good next to a carefully chosen living room set. In creating the Cat Case kitty condo, we set out to design something you’ll love looking at as much as your cat loves hanging out in.

    Why the Cat Case is Better

    Not to knock a certain Scandinavian retailer, but a lot of modern furniture is built from materials that were primarily chosen to reduce cost. While this makes outfitting a home more affordable, the downside is a cheaper look and feel. Even worse - as practically everyone has experienced when trying to move - the stuff is not built to last.

    While the Cat Case takes advantage of a lot of the benefits of modern furniture - such as flat packing to save shipping costs – it’s made of real wood and sturdy, custom-designed all-metal hardware. That means it will look great now in your studio apartment in the city, survive the future move to your new house in the ‘burbs, and provide many more years of enjoyment.


    • Module configurations:
      • 2 Single Modules (11 x 11" shelf),
      • 1 Large Module (22.5 x 11" shelf),
      • 1 Window Module (11 x 11" shelf + 6.5 x 6.5" window)
    • Module dimensions: 31” W x 15.5” H x 12” D
    • Unfinished products come complete unpainted and unsealed.

    See how to assemble the all-new Cat Case on youtube

    We maintain a small stock of Cat Cases ready to ship, but most of the time Cat Cases are made to order and require a 4-6 week lead time.

    We need to make sure they're purr-fect!   =^._.^= ∫


    Shipping and Returns

    We offer free shipping to the continental United States.

    We accept returns up to 30 days after you receive your item. We do not take responsibility for return shipping costs.

    Factory Second items are not eligible for returns.


    Our products are crafted from high quality plywood, held together with custom stainless steel hardware, and wrapped in hypoallergenic carpet.

    Price, Explained

    We understand, it can be surprising to see cat furniture with this price tag but we'll give it to you straight; High-quality furniture has a high price because it costs us more to make.

    Here's a breakdown for what we spend to make a standard Walnut Cat Case - not including website fees, facility costs, design time, salaries, storage, marketing... you get it.

    - Materials $378.01
    - Labor $225.00
    - Shipping $60-100

    It's a piece that’s designed to last, offering both comfort and style for years to come.

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