Why Modern Cat Furniture Beats an Old School Cat Tree | Cat Matter

Why Modern Cat Furniture Beats an Old School Cat Tree | Cat Matter


Why Modern Cat Furniture Beats an Old School Cat Tree

It’s common knowledge that to be happy, cats need things to climb and hang out on. And as we’ve outlined in a previous blog post, felines benefit from a well-designed cat tree house because it satisfies natural instincts while promoting balance, strength, and agility.

 But before you order that beige carpet-covered monstrosity, you should consider your needs, too.

Particularly if you’re short on space in your home, designer cat furniture provides benefits beyond what an ugly, old-school cat tree can offer. To learn what they are, read on.

Benefits of Modern Cat Condos

They’re Nicer to Look At

As hard as you might try, you’re never going to find a pint-sized, shag-covered jungle gym that complements your carefully-curated living room set. By incorporating the attributes of a cat tree into a stylish piece of furniture, you can enjoy a more eye-pleasing addition to your living space.

They’re Stealthy

No matter where you put it, a typical cat tree will become the centerpiece of any room. A modern cat condo blends in with its surroundings, so the space doesn’t have to scream “a cat lives here!” to everyone who enters. 

Some Provide a Place for a Litter Box

Speaking of stealth, select models offer a hidden nook for the one thing we’d all rather not see, the litter box. Choosing modern cat litter box furniture lets you get your closet back, or means you don’t have to trip over a litter box in the laundry room anymore.

They Perform Multiple Functions

The beauty of modern cat furniture is that many of the designs are incorporated into pieces that benefit people, too. In other words, it could also hold some books, double as a TV stand, or show off your favorite knickknacks.

They Maximize Space

The multifunctionality mentioned above also gives modern cat trees the ability to take up less real estate in your home. Whereas an old school cat tree requires a dedicated spot (in addition to spots already occupied by your bookcase, TV stand, etc.), modern cat furniture can replace an existing piece of furniture. In other words, adding a cat tree doesn’t have to cost you floor and/or wall space.

For all the benefits mentioned above, consider the Cat Case™ Bookcase with Hidden Cat Tree / Cat Tower and the Discrete Kitty Litterbox Cabinet. These cleverly-designed pieces provide places for your cat to scratch, climb, hide, nap, and use the litter box, built into high-quality furniture that will complement your décor.



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