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Why Do Cats Like Cat Trees?

We get it. The last thing you want spoiling a tastefully-decorated home is a shag carpet cat condo. And sure, your carefully-curated mid-century furniture elicits admiring glances from your dinner guests. But let’s be honest, none of it is terribly inspiring or useful to your feline companions.

Experts suggest that cat furniture like cat climbing trees offer a variety of benefits to your pet’s health and well-being. That’s why - like it or not - you should strongly consider making space in your house for a kitty condo.

Why Are Cat Trees Good for Cats?

The Need to Climb

According to LeadER Animal Specialty Hospital, wild cats have a natural instinct to climb to high places where they can feel safe from predators. While the closest thing house cats have to a predator might be the vacuum cleaner, this instinct still exists. Providing a perch that allows them to look down at the family dog, a toddler, and even you can make your cats feel more secure. 

The Impulse to Hide

If you’ve ever chuckled at the term “If I fits, I sits,” you’re probably a cat owner amused by your kitty’s odd tendency to squeeze into teeny spaces. According to Feline Behavior Solutions, this also stems from an instinct to find a place that’s safe from predators. Cats also routinely need a place to get away from you and even other cats. That’s why many cat towers also feature enclosed spaces for them to curl up in.

The Urge to Scratch

Vetstreet writes that scratching provides stimulation and helps cats mark their territory. That’s why a well-conceived cat tree house will incorporate at least one or more cat scratching posts into the design. This lets your kitties get their scratch on without damaging your couch.

The Need for Exercise

Just like people, cats need movement to stay healthy. Cat trees offer a fun and stimulating way for cats to build and maintain strength, balance, and coordination. 

As you can see, a cat tower makes your house feel like a home to your feline friends. But if you’d prefer not to dominate the room with a beige monstrosity, consider the Cat Case™ Bookcase with Hidden Cat Tree / Cat Tower. This cleverly-designed modern cat tree offers all the benefits mentioned above, discretely built into a modular bookcase. Now you can please your cats and impress your dinner guests. 

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